News : Handelsbanken improves FX order functionality

Handelsbanken Capital Markets has improved the FX order functionality in MarketOn-Line, the bank’s e-portal for trading foreign exchange and money markets. Besides ordinary Take profit and Stop loss orders, it is now also possible to place a combination of orders such as OCO (One cancels the Other) and OSO (One Starts the Other). Thereafter by viewing the FX Overview blotter it’s easy to observe, and if needed amend the orders, through out the day by using the block and monitor functionality. A client can easily cancel an open order himself in the system.  “We are always trying to improve MarketOn-Line to meet our customer’s requests. With this improved functionality, we have a really competitive platform to offer” says Björn Lundvall, head of e-solutions at Handelsbanken Capital Markets. ...continued

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