Product Review of QuoteTrader

Larry Levy looks at how the arrival of QuoteTrader, an order entry, quotes and charting package marks the arrival of an essentially new type of “uber software” for the financial markets.

“Market research shows us that many traders have multiple accounts, often for different instrument types,” says eSignal President Chuck Thompson. “This allows them to consolidate these inputs into one easy-to-use charting and order entry front end.” For the Forex client, QuoteTrader’s Ladder/Depth of Market (DOM) style order entry may bring added functionality to some Forex dealing platforms that had until now had mainly been enjoyed by futures traders. QuoteTrader is free, the idea being that the project is supported by online ads. The package comes from, a website from eSignal. Websites such as derive a high degree of their revenue from online advertising - and from their point of view, this appears to be an extension of that business model.QT's Trade Manager "ladder style" order entry ticket From the broker platform point of view QuoteTrader offers market exposure and a new and versatile tool for their clients to trade...continued

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