Tim Dodd Head of Product Management, SunGard Front Arena
Tim Dodd Head of Product Management, SunGard Front Arena

Cross Asset Trading Software Myths Busted

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 33 / FX Mythbusters / October 2008

Myth: Built-for-purpose front office systems will always be better than those that are generic All asset classes are different and require specific functionality for the traders to conduct their day to day activities. To offer an edge in the FX market, functionality needs a focus on speed and the ability to consolidate activity in real-time often with the capacity for high volume. Algorithmic trading tools need to allow the user to build the best "money trap" to capture their identified opportunities. Structured traders need great tools to construct and price new products quickly. However, as a trader, you need software that allows you to maintain and monitor an inventory of potential opportunities, consolidate your strategies so you can analyse their risks and rewards (and potential hedges) and that acts as a radar for any special events. You will also expect downstream processing of the deals that you undertake and necessary access for management reporting of the consolidation of...continued

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