JDFX: Talkin' bout a Revolution?

We review Kontrol, the JDFX new back-end risk management software aimed primarily at the Retail FX broker; And ITP, it’s Institutional Trading Platform. e-FOREX spent over a week at the JDFX offices located in central Zurich evaluating their software and IT infrastructure.

James D. Pieron, CEO JDFX appears to have identified two serious gaps in the FX market and has filled them with two innovative new products. On the Risk Management side, JDFX offers a solution simply called “Kontrol”. It is aimed primarily at the Retail FX broker but could equally benefit firms with multiple FX money managers or trading groups. On the FX Trading side, JDFX offers a front-end trading platform called “ITP” which guarantees fills at best-price from a back-end core of Tier-I banks. JDFX CEO, James D. Pieron, has a simple, direct vision regarding risk management, and an exceptional understanding of the internal dynamics and technical mechanics of FX fulfillment. Pieron, from Michigan, founded JDFX in 2004 after coming to Switzerland two years earlier to consult for UBS. JDFX initially concentrated on high frequency trading algorithms, but in 2006, decided to focus entirely on its core strength - technology.  JDFX Core All JDFX products...continued

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