Frances Maguire
Frances Maguire

Unlocking new opportunities: What's next for e-FX?

Has e-FX reached a level of maturity, or is this just an interim level of growth? While the recent turbulence in the global markets enabled stress testing of e-FX systems, it has also provided a better idea of what issues next generation e-FX systems need to address.

While electronic trading of FX spot and other plain vanilla products are considered reasonably mature, FX market participants clearly believe there is still much to be achieved, not only in automating the more complex FX products, but in more fully integrating e-FX services into the day-today processes of corporates. Matt Thomas, head of marketing, electronic markets, North America, at RBS Global Banking & Markets believes that e-FX has not yet reached maturity as there is still a lot of new developments ongoing around operating capabilities and direct market access. He says: “Many banks are still trying to reach the ultimate goal of an internal exchange and a more robust infrastructure to support the growing emerging market demands. Additionally, options, baskets and pure volatility products are still a relatively new realm for the extension of electronic markets. “While the playground for FX has been relatively restricted, this will just expand in time as people become more...continued

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