Denis Borisovsky
Denis Borisovsky

BeTrade – the 1st Community within a Trading Platform

"PFSoft aims to attract partners to participate in promoting its BeTrade community by offering brokers access to new markets on a shared-revenue basis and providing their traders with a range of new and unique benefits," says Denis Borisovsky, CEO of PFSoft.

What is BeTrade?  PFSoft has fully-integrated a community tool into a trading terminal to produce BeTrade, which we call a “co-trading platform”. The main idea is to allow traders to organize all their trading activities into a single customizable workspace. What unique benefits does BeTrade offer in comparison with popular communication services? First of all, BeTrade users are able to communicate and cooperate with professional traders, investors, and other international market players right from the trading terminal interface, so time is not wasted time switching to and from the terminal. An important feature is that BeTrade users can build new professional relationships based on specific search criteria that are not available in popular social networks based on trading performance, such as trading style, favourite instrument, favourite broker, average trading time, etc. Apart for usual communication, BeTrade users also get the capability to share their trading signals and to...continued

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