Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins

Gold-i Gate Bridge for MT5

The Gold-i Gate Bridge - which connects brokers’ trading systems to global banks via MetaTrader 4 - has been such a successful product that it put Gold-i on the map as the UK’s leading systems integrator to the global FX and CFD market. We caught up with Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i, to find out about his company’s latest product launch – the Gold-i Gate Bridge for MT5.

What is the Gold-i MT5 Bridge? The Gold-i MT5 Bridge, which launches in Q4, is a super low latency, high performance Bridge which enables brokers who use MT5 to connect to external liquidity providers in the most effective and cost efficient manner. It automatically covers all retail broker risks with banks in real time.  It gives retail brokers the same tools as institutional brokers. We launched the Gold-i Gate Bridge for MetaTrader4 in 2009 and it has become recognised as one of the leading super low latency smart routing products available anywhere within the market place today. We have high aspirations for our MT5 Bridge, too, as it will open up new markets and new asset classes. Our new Bridge has been created in response to increasing demand for MT5. The Gold-i Gate Bridge for MT4 has evolved since its initial launch – and over the last two years we have added a number of bolt-on products and increased the number of liquidity providers.  The exciting thing about the launch of our...continued

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