Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

In search of better yields with Forex Social Investment Networks

As Social Investment Networks and associated social trading communities become increasingly popular with the Retail FX traders all around the world, Joe Morgan talks to some of leading providers to discover more about how the investment network model works and what new features and functionality are being offered to help traders more closely align their risk and investment objectives.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 45 / Retail e-FX Client / October, 2011

When the last of the pits closed at the London International Financial Futures and options Exchange (Liffe), it left legions of former floor traders to hang up their chequered jackets and build new careers elsewhere. Some would make the transition to trading on screens at the trading arcades and dealing rooms scattered across the City. But a sad lament often heard spoken by former Liffe traders was that they missed the camaraderie – and insight – of being on the floor and found sitting behind a screen a sad, lonely and introspective alternative. Now with the advent of social investment networks, Retail Forex traders can log on to virtual worlds which have all the noise of speculation that ruled the trading pits of old. Users obtain instant access to the insight and knowledge of thousands of other traders speculating on the same currencies as themselves. Social investment networks apply a Facebook-style approach to investing, in which users can share and discuss trading strategies, while the...continued

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