Is Your FX Brokerage Functioning Optimally?

Panda Trading Systems is a leading FX trading technology provider specializing in system integration, MetaTrader server-side technology and fully customizable developments, available on-demand. New and veteran brokers turn to the Panda TS’ advisory services to learn how to best accelerate reaction to market trends and adopt new technologies while minimizing operational risks and costs.

5 Tips on How Existing Brokers Can Easily Boost Their Performance

As a premium technology provider, our goal at Panda TS is to stay ahead of the game and solve problems before they crop up.  Top brokers consult with our advisory team to learn how to best streamline new technologies into their existing architecture.  

We see time and time again how even small changes can help significantly boost performance. This step-by-step guide just touches upon the tip of the iceberg, but these tips will help new and existing brokers examine certain key elements of their business performance.

1.Perform Routine System Checks

The first thing to examine when looking to enhance an existing brokerage is whether or not the current infrastructure is functioning properly. Before looking to expand, it’s imperative to run a complete system check and make sure that all existing frameworks are stable and able to support the necessary upgrades and add-ons.  A “clean engine” will ensure the success of any new technology implementation and will set the stage for a fast and seamless integration period.

How To Do It:

All systems within the broker’s organization should be monitored regularly. Proper server monitoring, networking monitoring and ensuring proper system functionality is part of the regular upkeep that is necessary for an optimally functioning brokerage and allows the broker to prevent potential system failures. 

2.Build for Scale

A FX brokerage is a fast-growing business and successful brokers have thousands upon thousands of live clients (and exponentially more active demo accounts). Process automation is a key factors to the success of any FX brokerage. During the entire sales process, implementation of proper technology that allows for easy automation and tracking saves on manpower and allows for fast response time. Different technology solutions synchronizes activities between the various platforms within an organization, contributing to a more consistent experience for the trader. This technological infrastructure also provides the “hub” from which crucial BI analyses reports can be extracted.

How To Do It:

Brokers should consider investing in technology that allows for implementing easy automation, facilitating any existing sales process. It’s important to consult with industry professionals as no single solution is the right fit for all.

3.Always Optimize

The FX online trading market is demanding and ever-evolving. To stay ahead, broker should instills dynamic business processes that allow for fast and ongoing optimizations. Small changes to any current infrastructure can make a world of difference when it comes to faster and smoother implementation of new technologies; minimizing operational risks and costs.

How To Do It:

There are multiple ways in which brokers can use new technologies to enhance business processes. It’s important to consult with a technology specialist who can help explain the different ways to achieve specific goals. Even the most inflexible WL platform can be enhanced!

4.Build and Maintain A Client Base

Increasing brand awareness is a critical process that requires a substantial investment. Many brokers make the mistake of sending a lot of traffic to a system that isn’t optimally built to properly handle such an influx. Various technology solutions can help convert new clients, convert demo account users to real account users and to automate engagement procedures for smart retention practices.

How To Do It:

Increase the productivity of any engagement processes through automatic segmentation. Implement technologies that allow for the most control over the data stored on the MT4 servers. Automation significantly increases trading volume and lifetime customer value. Today, there are powerful tools that allow for easy integration between existing CRM systems and back offices and the MT4.

5.Seek Out White Labels and IBs

In order to scale an FX business, focus on attracting white labels and IBs. Top brokers generate a substantial amount of their trading volume from partners. Fearing that the market is already too saturated, many brokers give up on finding good partners before they even get started.

How To Do It:

There is a lot of potential to develop good partnerships. It is worth investing in white labels and IBs by offering them valuable tools and advisory services. Today, we see a lot of brokers who are losing potential white label business to their technology providers. Brokers should choose only objective technology providers that empower them to offer unique solutions to their white labels and IBs.

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