Nicholas Pratt
Nicholas Pratt

More intelligence and control - taking FX Aggregation services to the next level

A return to the traditional values of the FX market is seeing a greater demand for transparency. Nicholas Pratt examines how these demands are influencing the development of next generation aggregation services.

The FX market has always had a wide variety of liquidity sources, hence the popularity of aggregation services. However over the last few years, these services have now moved on from the initial objective of gathering up multiple liquidity sources into one easily viewable and executable location. As the platform providers look to develop next generation products that take the aggregation model to the next level, there are now far more things to consider.  The first of these is customising, tailoring and optimising the services to match the evolving demands of the different FX trading participants – whether they are market makers, buy-side desks or high frequency trading firms. What has become clear is that the FX market now houses a wider variety of trading strategies than ever before. Many of these strategies have developed thanks to the advancement of technology and algorithms, allowing for greater sophistication, faster executions and increased trading volumes. FX trading strategies have...continued

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