Mariusz  Potaczala
Mariusz Potaczala

Binary Forex Options - the brokers perspective

TMS Brokers is one of the leading brokers in Poland. We asked their CEO, Mariusz Potaczala for his thoughts on the use of and demand for Binary Forex Options.

Why are Binary Forex Options  gaining usage amongst retail traders and investors? The popularity of Binary Forex Options  is increasing steadily. Binary Options are attractive investor instruments, because their risk/reward profile is known before the trade is entered into. The investor has complete knowledge in advance of the Option’s cost and potential pay-off. The fixed cost and pay-off of the Option is also an attractive risk management feature for investors that may, otherwise, not be comfortable trading European-style options. What types of trading are these capped risk derivatives typically being used for? Binary Options are attractive speculative trading instruments for many investors that are interested in the limited risk aspects of Option purchases, but are not necessarily ready to trade other types of Options that require active risk management. Binary Options may also be used for portfolio risk hedging by some investors.  What range of currency pairs are now...continued

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