Product Launch

Olivier Virzi, Chief Operating Officer of Olfa Trade, talks to e-Forex about some of the key features of his company’s new ECN platform, SeamlessFX and global order management system.

Olivier, what is your background and what plans do you have for your new platform SeamlessFX? Having previously worked for a leading online FX brokerage, many of our team have years of experience and a proven track record in FX technology. We have set out to ensure that our services and systems are some of the cheapest in the market and we intend to expand fast. Our website has recently launched in English(with a French and Russian version coming soon) and we plan on opening an office in London in November. How have you designed the platform to better meet the needs of clients and what benefits does it bring them? This is a completely brand new platform built from scratch using the most innovative modern technologies. We have designed it to optimize the deal execution process and maximize your chances of hitting the best quote before competitors. The pluggable module-based architecture ensures maximum components reuse and, therefore, increases reliability. We have also leveraged our...continued

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