John Crisp Director of Product Strategy at FENICS
John Crisp Director of Product Strategy at FENICS

The future of Electronic FX Options trading: Putting the building blocks in place

John Crisp, Director of Product Strategy at FENICS explores how the electronic trading of FX options has evolved and what factors are likely to encourage greater usage of automation for these relatively complex instruments.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 73 / FX e-Commerce and Platforms / September, 2016

In an evolving market for trading FX options, the move to deal and manage the process of a transaction electronically has made great strides. But as the user base expands and products become more complex, the impetus to develop an ever-more efficient workflow will inevitably lead to further progress. This evolution will, in turn, encourage greater usage of the electronic format as the preferred means to satisfy the raequirements of the end user, the distribution strategies of the liquidity providers and the obligations enforced by increasing layers of regulation. That said, it is clear that there is no panacea when it comes to trading FX options electronically. The universe of users is many and varied, with each of them approaching the market to satisfy their own particular needs and bringing with them diverse levels of sophistication and experience. A “one size fits all” system may not be the best forum to deal with such a broad range of non-standard requirements, but increasing automation...continued

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