Commerzbank boosts its etrading offering

Commerzbank Corporates and Markets (C&M) hasĀ  unveiled its enhanced eFX platform, Commander.

First Published by e-Forex News: April, 2012

Stefan Hamberger

Stefan Hamberger

Commerzbank Corporates and Markets (C&M) has  unveiled its enhanced eFX platform,

Commander. Built on the solid foundations of the current platform, Click&Trade FX, the re-branded platform has undergone a significant development process, boosting Commerzbank’s offering to clients.

Stefan Hamberger, Head of eFIC Sales at C&M, commented on the new platform: “Over the last year we’ve seen a doubling of users wanting to trade with us online. This demonstrated the focus which clients are now placing on electronic trading, and through an open dialogue we’ve been able to understand what is important to them in a platform. By continuing to provide a robust and reliable service along with the ability to adapt, we aim to be our clients’ etrading partner of choice for the future.” Existing Click&Trade FX clients will begin to move over to Commander in March.