Shuo Wu

360T’s SUN executes Mid-Match FX Swap via API

September 2023 in News Headlines

Streaming mid liquidity via APIs is now available on 360T’s Swaps User Network (SUN), with Deutsche Bank and ING executing the initial trade. This is the first time that two banks have been able to trade FX Swaps via API and match at the market midpoint, marking a paradigm shift for the industry. 360T SUN is also currently the only platform which offers a continuous streaming mid-price for FX Swap instruments.
“Establishing a marketplace that facilitates risk offset at the mid—market level signifies the next phase in the advancement of FX swaps trading. This development finally delivers for the industry opportunities that have long been present in smaller markets, and empowers us to better cater to the rising client demand for access to these product,” said Shuo Wu Global Head of Forward eTrading at Deutsche Bank.