Crux and Euronext FX

September 2021 in Podcasts

Crux and Euronext FX recently entered an agreement to enable broad market delivery of Euronext’s FX Market Data. Listen to our podcast below for a conversation between Philip Brittan and David Lyons as they discuss the efficiencies of outsourcing data management and use of cloud computing to tackle challenges in the market.

Crux is an industry utility helping firms get their data to more customers, quickly and efficiently. By outsourcing much of the data engineering, the Crux platform allows data suppliers to offload one of the most resource intensive and non-differentiating steps in the data supply chain today. With over 255,000,000 files under management, Crux is a neutral plug that fast-tracks data delivery to client destinations of choice including: a python or RESTful API, FTP, S3, SQL, ODBC connection, cloud storage and data warehousing.

Find out directly from Euronext FX’s COO, David Lyons, why Crux Informatics was chosen to help facilitate the exchange’s data distribution requirements.

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