Lea Wang Executive Vice President, PLUGIT

September 2021 in Podcasts

PLUGIT is a certified provider of trading support solutions and services to the global Financial Trading industry. Since 2012, PLUGIT has led the line in smart Forex trading technology that makes a tangible difference to Forex brokerage businesses worldwide.

PLUGIT boasts a proven track record of excellence, having accumulated over 10 years of experience in the FX industry. Their core competency is the development of interactive trading system tools and solutions, seamlessly integrated into MT4/MT5 platforms.

The key YOONIT offering is a multi-functional trading support system, comprising five core modules, including MAM/PAMM with Copy trading functionality, Dynamic Margin, Bonus Automation, CRM and IB/Affiliate management portal.

In this far reaching interview, Lea provides a granular view of the powerful YOONIT modular package but also casts light on the action oriented philosophy at PLUGIT.