James Alexander, CCO at Invast Global

Advantage – Invast

May 2022 in Podcasts

e-Forex talks to James Alexander about the features of Invast's adaptable multi asset Prime of Prime services.

Invast Global is an international award-winning Prime Broker and institutional financial technology solutions provider based in Sydney, Australia.

Invast Global specialise in providing API-based multi-asset financial services to banks, brokerages, hedge funds, and trading firms as well as to businesses seeking to promote embedded finance solutions into their current offering.

As a multi asset Prime of Prime solution based in the Asia Pacific region, Invast Global offers many advantages to those parties looking for a FXPB solution – and beyond. Today’s FX brokerage space is increasingly risk aware and multi asset based. Invast offers a number of solutions which address these requirements in a unique way.

Larry Levy speaks to James Alexander about the perspective and advantages offered by Invast Global.

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