RCP enhances Deal Web

RCP Consultants has released an important new development to its established FX software product Deal Web. New analysis software offers important benefits to all organisations using Reuters Conversational Dealing. Deal Web can now analyse conversations and present out trades (un-confirmed deals) ranked by probability. This new functionality is wrapped in industry-standard web-technology to give maximum user benefit with flexible and rapid deployment. It significantly improves back office work flow and the time taken to identify (and deal with) the out trades. In turn, this minimises undetected market / operational risk and associated costs.RCP has incorporated many market driven features into Deal Web. For example, the browser interface allows bank staff around the globe to have access to a central data base of all FX and MM transactions (made via EBS Matching, RDL and Reuters Dealing 3000 & Reuters Dealing Link). This will particularly benefit those organisations planning to consolidate back-office...continued

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