eFX - catering for the needs of the Asset & Investment Management community. With State Street, Mellon, 360T and ComInvest.

Chip Lowry, Ainsley Clark, Alfred Schorno, Herwig Preilip.We bring together Chip Lowry, head of Global Link Europe at State Street, Ainsley Clark, Senior Vice President, Mellon Foreign Exchange, Alfred Schorno, managing partner at 360T and Herwig Prielipp, Currency specialist at Cominvest asset management to discuss how eFX is catering for the needs of the Asset & Investment Management communityIt’s been said that the greatest driver for online FX for asset managers today is not greater efficiency of pricing but the desire to undertake trading, matching and confirmation of FX with less risk, error and particularly cost. Do you agree?Lowry: FX pricing has become very transparent. So much so that it’s almost a given. The real value of electronic FX comes from the operational efficiencies and the reduction of error. We’ve seen this time and time again where clients think they’ll see the most benefit is in better pricing. But at the end of the...continued

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