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Mathew Kuppe 360 Treasury Systems AG

Online intra-group trading - why limit yourself to external e-trading?

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 14 / Viewpoint / April 2004

The group treasury of many multinational corporates provide services to a multitude of subsidiaries or branch offices with diverse requirements. They are already dealing with increasing regulations and accounting rules (i.e. Basle II, FAS 133, IAS 39) and facing a growing number of required internal and external standard transactions which need to be monitored and executed on a daily basis. Along with the in-house transactions, group treasuries are confronted with:• subsidiaries expecting fast and accurate pricing on diverse requests for OTC products• both parties involved needing deal execution in the most efficient way• auditors requesting hedge accounts according to regulations of FAS and IAS• internal reporting requirementsDepending on a corporates’ overall risk appetite, strategies and policies of the treasury with respect to netting and hedging positions will be set differently. It seems appropriate from an economic rationale,...continued

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