Pronet offers outsourced technical analysis

Pronet Analytics is offering a research outsourcing service to up to three banks, to provide them with on-demand, bespoke responses from the firm’s technical team. The first client, an unnamed European bank, signed up for the service called ‘Pronet Premium’ in February, and another non-European bank is expected to sign up in the coming months, says Shane Smith, Pronet’s chief executive officer in London.Whereas most research and analysis firms, including Pronet, typically offer their service on an annual licence basis, this new offering enables clients to pay for FX research by the hour for a set number of nominated hours during the trading day. They will have direct access to a dedicated team of Pronet analysts through the firm’s conversational tool. "The bank can have as many licences as it wants and all of those users can interrogate our analytics desk, making it more cost effective than an internal research team. A...continued

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