SuperDerivatives launches (FX) options risk system

SuperDerivatives is launching its fully-fledged foreign exchange (FX) options risk management system. The SuperDerivatives Risk Management system (SDRM) will meet the requirements of front and middle offices of trading and treasury operations in banks and large corporations. It will also meet the needs of controllers and risk management departments.SuperDerivatives’ accurate options pricing system is at the heart of SDRM. Institutions that purchase it will have access to a locally installed SuperDerivatives pricing and analytics system. This will make available to them real-time market rates for all option classes on virtually all currencies from SuperDerivatives. The system can be set to allow monitoring of portfolios from the level of the trader, the desk subset and the entire bank to the level of individual client’s portfolio or any subset portfolio that the user defines. This will help institutions monitor their credit lines more accurately and efficiently....continued

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