Heather McLean freelance journalist
Heather McLean freelance journalist

Algorithmic trading – FX market perspectives

Heather McLean gathers some industry views on the future of Algorithmic trading in the FX markets.

Algorithmic trading started life only a short time ago in the equities markets. Since its inception, this mode of automated electronic trading has spread to the futures markets, and finally has reached the world of electronic foreign exchange (e-FX). While the FX market as a whole took its time getting into the electronic phase of its development, it has jumped quickly onto the algorithmic bandwagon. Currently, many major banks and institutions are involved in algorithmic trading in different asset classes, and several of those are adapting that knowledge for the e-FX markets.Algorithmic trading in FX is simply following the path initially made by the onset of electronic trading across the asset classes,Robert HegartyVice president of securities and investments at TowerGroup, comments. “Algorithmic trading is a fairly new phenomenon in the equities markets, where it’s only about 18 months old. While it took a long time for the FX markets to take up electronification, it...continued

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