Nordea Analytics extended by IAS 39 tool

Nordea is cooperating with PricewaterhouseCoopers to advise its customers in the best possible way regarding implementation of the new IAS 39 accounting rules for financial derivatives. One result of this cooperation is a new tool, IAS 39 Hedge Effectiveness Tester, for calculating and evaluating hedge effectiveness.The IAS 39 tool enables customers to perform hedge effectiveness tests in order to use the rules for hedge accounting. The user inputs a hedge package which can for example consist of a commercial cash flow hedged with an FX forward. It can then be tested using various IAS compliant methods (both prospectively and retrospectively). The Hedge Effectiveness Tester is offered as an integrated part of Nordea Analytics thus offering the customers the possibility of making analysis of hedging strategies, risk- and liability management etc in a coherent advanced analysis package. Nordea Analytics has more than 1000 unique active monthly users amongst corporates and institutions in the Nordic market....continued

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