Single bank platforms – offering clients innovative, multi-product capabilities.With HSBC, Barclays Capital, Wachovia, Calyon and Standard Chartered.

5 major FX banks debate questions on this key topic

With Jake Smith, Global Manager, e-Commerce, Global Markets at HSBC, James Van den Heule, Head of FX Liquidity Services at Barclays Capital, Carissa Burns, Managing Director and Global FX Sales Manager at Wachovia, Christian Bouet, Head of e-business at CALYON Capital Markets Division and Martin Severn, Global Head E-Sales, Global Markets at Standard Chartered Bank.Two years ago some were predicting the demise of single-bank trading platforms. That hasn’t happened and there’s renewed interest in these offerings. What’s driving this and why are banks continuing to operate and develop their proprietary FX trading platforms?Smith: Clients are continuing to use bilateral trading platforms for a number of reasons. For some, the main driver is to have a direct relationship with HSBC, whilst for others it is that they require a bespoke solution and we are willing to offer modifications to our platform. Perhaps the most important reason for the success of...continued

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