Harpal S. Sandhu CEO Integral Dev. Corp
Harpal S. Sandhu CEO Integral Dev. Corp

Beyond STP: The next generation of eFX integration

Harpal Sandhu outlines how by leveraging on-demand data and service grid technology, FX market participants will be able to better manage their businesses.

IntroductionOver the last several years, even casual industry observers have taken notice of the evolution and change in the FX industry, brought on by overall volume growth, technology and shifting market dynamics. And if the first several months of 2006 are any indication, then we can safely say that the pace of change is rapidly increasing.Notable events that have recently shocked the industry include the sale or pending sales of some of the largest multi-bank portals: Hotspot, FXall, and EBS. Industry change will no doubt increase as the global liquidity providers evolve their approaches to the market.To successfully manage and grow FX businesses in this new environment, industry experts recommend even more emphasis on technology and risk management. Flexibility to adapt is critical, and underlying systems must be efficient and nimble, allowing rapid connectivity with trading counterparties as industry players and markets change.However, even with advancements in technology, integration of the many...continued

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