Andy Webb
Andy Webb

Canadian FX - bucking the trend

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 23 / Regional eFX Perspective / April 2006

Mark Warms“I think that the trend towards online trading in Canada has increased quite sharply since 2004”For many market participants, the major FX news in Canada since late 2002 has been the loonie’s phenomenal run against the US dollar. While that may be the most obvious feature on its FX landscape, Canada has also being undergoing a quiet revolution in terms of electronic FX trading. Adoption levels still lag those of the US and Europe, but among certain market segments there is evidence of strong growth accompanied by increasing sophistication.At first glance, one might be forgiven for believing that Canada was some way from the forefront in electronic FX. Greenwich Associates’ April 2005 report ("Global Treasury Management: Volatility and New Entrants Trigger Wave of FX Growth"), revealed that 21% of top tier FX users in Canada were trading FX online in 2004, versus 55% in the US and 50% in Europe.However, things appear to be changing...continued

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