FX OrderView: Taking control of the limit order process.

Managing limit orders has traditionally been administratively time consuming and complex, leaving clients uncertain of their order status. By listening to their clients, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) found a growing need for a system that simplifies the entire limit order management process. In 2001, BBH launched its online limit order management system, FX OrderView, to help clients streamline the order process and manage their limit orders more efficiently - place, submit and track the status of orders in real-time around the clock.BBH has worked continuously with their clients to respond to their risk management and operational needs. FX OrderView provides clients with an overall reduction in intraday and overnight risk by knowing at all times exactly what orders BBH is watching for them. A major upgrade in April 2006 allows clients who do not have a 24-hour trading desk to watch their own orders during the day and submit them to BBH to manage their overnight risk.All limit orders submitted to BBH are...continued

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