GFT Introduces Joe DiNapoli’s Indicators

Global Forex Trading (GFT) is now offering D-Levels™ by Joe DiNapoli directly within its award-winning trading software, DealBook® FX 2. The complete suite of D-Levels™ is a turnkey set of leading and lagging indicators and Fibonacci analysis and is based on DiNapoli’s highly regarded book, Trading with DiNapoli Levels: The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets.“These new indicators in DealBook® FX 2 offer traders the total DiNapoli-based approach, which gives subscribers and customers a real advantage in the currency markets,” said Gary L. Tilkin, president and CEO, GFT. The D-Level™ indicators are highly regarded by traders worldwide due to their application in helping traders to eliminate subjectivity when identifying Fibonacci support and resistance levels and targets for entry and exit the FX market....continued

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