Meeting the demand for FX Algorithmic Trading

With Progress Software, Portware, LatentZero, Lava Trading, Orc Software and FlexTrade.

With Dr John Bates, Vice President of Apama Products, Progress Software, Lee Ratner, Global Head FX sales at FlexTrade, Andrew Yao, Product Manager, Portware FX, Mark Montgomery, Global Business Development Director at Latent Zero, David Ogg, Chief Executive Officer, LavaFX and Peter Sibirzeff, Managing Director of Orc Software in New York.What factors are behind the spread of Algorithmic trading from the equities market across to other asset classes?Bates: In general, the demand for algorithmic trading is due to: – Increased competition in the trading space, requiring more innovative intra-day trading 1) The need for low latency response to trading opportunities made available due to market volume and volatility 2) The need to rapidly identify the opportunities and execute the trading response quickly enough and circumspectly enough to be opportunistic while masking ones intentions 3) The availability of real-time market data and access to liquidity through high speed APIs. In FX this...continued

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