Paul Hodgson Product Manager, SunGard FRONT ARENA
Paul Hodgson Product Manager, SunGard FRONT ARENA

The cross-asset platform environment: overcoming a siloed history

Paul Hodgson shows how we are now well on the road towards successfully trading across asset classes.

Change is most certainly in the air. It now seems the market is driving the belief that cross-asset trading can deliver real benefits, both strategically and in terms of cost savings. The need for consolidation would seem, to many, to be obvious. Many banks support multiple silo systems catering for different asset classes (FX, MM, IRD, Repo, Equities, Fixed Income, exchange-traded futures), and even within asset class (e.g. trading, risk management, P&L, back office). Inefficiencies are inherently built in as soon as you introduce multiple database models, pricing, modelling, interfacing etc.A convergence of recognised functional and technology benefits is proving to be a hard mix to ignore. On the trading side the appetite for cross-product capabilities is now arguably as strong on both the buy and sell side of the market. That said, it is for notably differing reasons.Sell-side considerationsThe sell side is particularly attracted by cross asset functionality providing greater efficiencies of scale and a...continued

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