Nicholas Pratt
Nicholas Pratt

Gauging the potential for online trading in leading emerging market currencies

Nicholas Pratt examines what prospects today’s leading emerging markets have to become an efficient and reliable online trading market place.

Today’s emerging markets currencies are facing a stern test in light of the recent developments in the global markets. The investor nerves that rippled through the equities markets in late February and early March and saw five days of declining value may have been triggered by a large slump in the Chinese stock market but since the market has stabilised, much attention will be on the emerging markets – based on the industry adage that investors’ concerns tend to centre on the less-established and consequently more risky markets. Will the new currencies be able to withstand the extra scrutiny and what will it do to their ambitions of becoming an emerged market complete with a thriving retail client base and an efficient and reliable online trading market place?The most prominent of today’s emerging markets are undoubtedly the so-called BRIC currencies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. But there is a second tier of currencies that contains...continued

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