Nordea improves electronic FX trading

Nordea has increased the speed of electronic trading significantly with a tripling of the auto quoting limits on major currencies. In addition auto quoting has been enabled on RUB. In total Nordea now offers automatic electronic execution in 406 different crosses via multi portals and the proprietary Nordea portal ‘e-Markets’.Kenneth Steengaard, head of e-Markets at Nordea, says:       Kenneth Steengaard   "The general increase in our auto-quoting limits brings Nordea in the same league as international investment banks in terms of electronic FX/MM trading. This is a major achievement for us and it secures a strong and speedy trading concept towards customers trading large sizes going forward. With regard to RUB we are very happy to further streamline the trading processes for our customers by also auto quoting this currency. The RUB market is currently undergoing big changes and we are taking this opportunity to...continued

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