Alain Broyon CEO of Dukascopy Suisse S.A
Alain Broyon CEO of Dukascopy Suisse S.A

SWFX technology - servicing the Decentralised Swiss FX marketplace

With Alain Broyon & Dr. Andre Duka.

Dr. Andre DukaCTO of Dukascopy Suisse S.AWhy do you believe the FX industry should now consider adopting changes to the current business model of FX marketplaces?The idea of the FX marketplace is straightforward, to provide massive, “one click“ liquidity in a single place by combining the liquidity of individual banks and other participants in a much larger pool. Created initially as a replica of the traditional stock exchange marketplace structure, the first generation of FX marketplace was centralized in its structure. The demand for greater liquidity is pushing the industry to look for new ways and technological solutions to meet the FX community’s needs. As such technologies are developed they will force changes to the FX industry business model. The leading new technology is the “multiple API connection marketplace”, entailing conversion of the independent centralized marketplaces into a single decentralized business...continued

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