AEGIS launches AthenaTrader 4.0 for FX

Aegis Software has developed AthenaTrader™, a broker neutral, multi-asset, execution management system (EMS). AthenaTrader maintains superior proprietary functionality in connecting to exchanges, electronic communication networks (ECNs), and single-bank brokers. It supports a wide variety of trading needs, including but not limited to: Buy-side desks seeking best execution, Proprietary traders writing algorithms and strategies, Sell-side market makers and agency brokers executing orders on behalf of clients. "AthenaTrader is built for traders who want to be in control of their trades using either algorithms or direct market access to achieve better, more effective execution" states Steve Oppenheimer, Director of Marketing at Aegis Software.   Steve Oppenheimer "AthenaTrader is extensible through Java code, so that new algorithms can be quickly written for order execution" he says. ...continued

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