Bloomberg offers integration to POMS

Bloomberg now offers seamless integration between their FX Execution Manager and POMS, Bloomberg’s Portfolio Order Management System with the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service. Now, POMS clients can send FX spot, outright, and swap orders directly from OX, the fixed income and currency staging blotter, to the FX Execution Manager. Once an order is placed on the OX trading blotter and passes all relevant compliance rules, it can be manually or automatically forwarded on to the FX Execution Manager. On the Execution Manager, it can be worked like any other staged order in the Bloomberg FX electronic trading platform, including being filled via RFQ, voice trade affirmation, or against an executable stream. Once traded, the fill flows back to OX and populates the Execution Details blotter. This integration offers POMS users considerable flexibility in managing their compliance-checked FX orders both for solicited and unsolicited fills.   ...continued

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