Dukascopy launches new Managed Account

Dukascopy – SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace has launched a new managed account service for its clients. It represents a new opportunity for Dukascopy’s clients to diversify their portfolio in a conservative automatic strategy, that target’s 15% return per year with a sharp ratio of 5. After the successful launch of the first strategy which was fully funded in 1 month, Dukascopy made the decision to create a second one. This decision was taken due to the general financial crisis and the willingness of Dukascopy to offer a unique opportunity for clients to invest in this new asset class.  “We will accept up to 500 millions USD under management for this new program”, says CEO Alain Broyon. “and we believe Dukascopy has been particularly innovative in providing this unique opportunity for our clients.”   ...continued

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