IBFX provides access to Multiple Bank Liquidity partners

Interbank FX (IBFX) has recently revealed its unique multi-bank order routing system, which provides its customers access to liquidity and automatically executes trades with five of the world’s 10 largest financial institutions.The advantages of trading with IBFX’s agency-based model include: Tighter spreads (as low as two pips) 100% automatic execution No market manipulation Competitive pricing derived from leading money center banks Anonymous order execution Smart routing to leading banks “By obtaining competitive bids for order flow on our proprietary multi-bank feed, IBFX customers achieve optimal pricing and execution, faster processing times and increased liquidity on every trade, with just one click of the mouse,” said company president and CEO Todd Crosland. IBFX’s multi-bank liquidity feed is available now for both live and demo accounts at www.interbankfx.com.   ...continued

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