Larry Levy
Larry Levy

Product Review: TeleTrader Professional Workstation

TeleTrader Professional Workstation is a sophisticated all-round charting, quotes, news and analysis package sold in Pro, FX and LT (Light) editions as well as being available as a “white label” solution. In its white label version (known as “FX AccuCharts” to clients of FX Solutions, LLC), it is available free of charge with data provided by the broker system’s quote engine on all of its FX pairs.

Other white label solutions include FX Bridge and a variety of partners in other asset classes such as stocks. Clearly the white label model is an important part of TeleTrader’s business, allowing brokers to add a very powerful analysis tool for their client’s use thus making their own platform more attractive to users. TeleTrader is currently available in English, German, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovenian, Arabic and Chinese. For those requiring more comprehensive data on FX, Equities, Futures and other markets TeleTrader is available directly via the website at around 85 euros per month for the Pro package (plus relevant exchange fees) and for less for the FX (forex) and LT (light) variants. Features Summary The package itself features a wealth of over 150 indicators, some of which have been specially added to TeleTrader. Some of the more unusual indicators included as standard are Cyber Cyles, Coppock Curves, GMMA, Historic Volatility, DSS, Fisher Transforms, Force...continued

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