Larry Levy
Larry Levy

Site Inspection with FXdirekt Bank

Larry Levy looks at FXdirekt Bank, one of a small handful of German banks offering a comprehensive range of FX, and CFDs and so called FFDs (Futures for Differences) contracts on a range of instruments for the retail client. Founded by current CEO Wolfgang Stobbe in 2004, FXdirekt Bank has seen rapid growth, by catering to its market – the German-speaking customer and has won the Forex Broker of the Year prize for the past three years.

FXdirekt Bank is now spreading is wings further by offering its services to English speaking clients as well as offering a platform that allows users to seamlessly trade stocks, indices, commodities or cash FX under one roof with very high gearing possibilities (1:100) as well as the advantage of trading mini lot sizes. A 24h helpdesk is also available in German and English. The website is very clear and emphasizes the relationship the bank has with its customers. For example, customers can apply to join a select five member “Customer Board” (known as a “kundenboard” in German), with the aim of providing a strong link between the customer and the bank. the concept of the Customer Board, known in German as the "kundenboard". Clearly the operation is very proactive in the sales department. At the time of writing the bank was running a competition celebrating its offering of mini lot sizes by offering as a prize a  Mini Cooper. Within hours of opening the...continued

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