Jonathan Assia CEO, eToro
Jonathan Assia CEO, eToro

User-friendly technology - Key to overcoming barriers in Retail FX

With the world’s financial markets still engulfed in the global economic crisis, the appeal of the forex market has never been greater. In addition to the major advantages of 24 hour activity and virtually limitless liquidity, forex is a market that continues to provide significant speculation opportunities while other markets are struggling to maintain stability. These advantages are apparent and thus raise the question: why aren’t more people trading forex?

Logically, there can only be two reasons: either people are unaware of the forex market, or they are deterred from trading in it. Judging from the amount of exposure given to forex today on the internet alone, the first option is likely out of the question. Online forex brokers and affiliates have done a marvelous job of making sure that no page online goes without at least one banner ad advertising one forex provider or another. Therefore, we can conclude that there are aspects of forex trading as most know it today, that discourage people from participating in it. FX survey Shedding some light on what these deterring factors actually are, Chicago market researcher Synovate, together with the leading online forex technology provider eToro, have conducted an impartial survey among 1000 online consumers asking the question: “What, in your opinion, is the greatest obstacle for consumers to begin trading foreign currency online?”   One of the key findings of the survey is that 75% of the...continued

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