Roger Aitken
Roger Aitken

A tough nut to crack: How can we further streamline Post Trade FX?

While post-trade solutions might not be considered to be at the sexy end of the FX trading spectrum and the inter-bank foreign exchange STP piece might be largely “job done” with recent initiatives such as from CLS and others, possibilities to further streamline the post-trade FX space lie largely amongst corporates and Tier3-4 entities. Roger Aitken examines some of the issues.

The rise of electronic trading over the past decade has led to increased competition in the financial marketplace. Transaction costs have been reduced and trade execution is more convenient than ever. This, combined with new regulatory demands, has forced both banks and their buy-side customers to seek ways to improve the efficiency of post-trade execution with enhanced services, greater transparency, better internal controls, and improved data and operational risk management.The challenge for banks and other market constituents is to acquire tools that help their customers manage FX and other asset class trades post-execution, while facilitating an increase in their own operational efficiency and straight-through-processing (STP) rates. The challenge for buy-side institutions is to have a more complete, real-time view of their FX trading activity irrespective of execution venue.Remaining post-trade issues There are nevertheless still issues that need to be addressed to improve the efficiency of the...continued

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