Jon Vollemaere
Jon Vollemaere

The birth of the $3.98T FX Social Network

Jon Vollemaere takes time out from tweeting and throwing sheep to talk about, a new portal for the FX Market.

Kelly can only check her Facebook during a one hour window in the dealing room each day. Which has me asking the question - Why? Look what happened when Social Media put on a tie and went to the office - rather a lot. The proven increase in communication and collaboration across business silos is remarkable, and according to Gartner, “Increasing numbers of businesses will use social networking rather than email as their preferred method of communication in the future” and Datamonitor says “It is vital that financial services providers acknowledge that it is no longer an option not to get involved with this medium in some way”Is that merely the realisation that people actually like using these tools? Or is it because they work very well? Entering the dealing room But, what happens when Social Media tools put on red braces and enter the dealing room? I suspect something far more powerful.This is exactly what a new digital network, called is doing. Started by seven...continued

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