Heather McLean
Heather McLean

The iPhone App: a powerful new tool for Retail Forex

With the advent of Apple's iPhone, the entire mobile industry changed. From having mobile handsets to make calls on and send text messages, users were able to use their mobile device to access the internet, download applications for both work and play, and discover new ways of doing business and staying in touch with each other. Communication has entered a new era thanks to Apple's development, as every other major handset manufacturer quickly followed suit and began developing new ranges of Smartphones and launching application stores, while network carriers bundled data packages onto voice and text tariffs as end users became more familiar with the mobile web.

Today, both handset manufacturers and network operators are battling to keep up with user demand for more applications for both business and pleasure. This year will see the first mass-market Smartphones for the lower end of the market, and the real crunch for network carriers, who are now fighting fires on the network as data usage chews up valuable bandwidth. Yet the industry is still in awe of the iPhone. Why? Because it came first, because it provided a brilliant end user experience, and because Apple is a marketing machine that has trail blazed the way for end user awareness of Apps and how to use your mobile phone as the ultimate status symbol. The concept of the App is now pervasive in developed countries around the world. Even the world of foreign exchange is now available as an icon. Click and trade.Forex Apps Forex Apps are becoming more and more popular on the iPhone. Forex mobile applications are making inroads into application storefronts across the marketplace, comments Michael A. Moschides,...continued

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