FX Mythbusters

e-Forex invites Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i, a leading retail FX trading systems integrator, to talk about the company’s Gold-i Gate Bridge solution, which will help to dispel some of the most common misconceptions about MT4.

1. We are a successful stockbroker looking to start up a new FX division. We are looking to find a simple low latency solution to connect our MetaTrader platform to both external and internal sources of FX liquidity. What should we consider as key factors at this stage? Speed, flexibility and reliability are the key factors to consider, and I would also recommend seeking an organisation which is independent of the liquidity providers. Gold-i works with large and small organisations to connect MetaTrader to both internal and external sources of FX liquidity. Our cutting edge, super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge is popular because it is fast, flexible and reliable. It only takes a few milliseconds for the Gold-i Gate Bridge to process a client order, which means that clients are more likely to get the price on the screen with no slippage if the time taken to transact a single trade is short. The Gold-i Gate Bridge is 99.999% accurate, which means that, on average, only 1 trade in every million needs...continued

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