Nicholas Pratt
Nicholas Pratt

Opportunistic FX algorithms - striking the right balance with trade execution strategies

Nicholas Pratt examines how opportunistic third generation FX algorithms can now provide firms with more effective implementation of their trading strategies.

The use of a term like ‘third generation’ can be fraught with danger, akin to being the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the middle of a recession and telling the population that you are seeing “the green shoots of recovery”. If these shoots appear, you may well look like a genius blessed with foresight and be credited for your vision. If, however, the green shoots take an age to appear, it will take even longer for the disdain and mockery to die down. Early iterations Similarly if you talk of the arrival of a ‘third generation’ of something as new as FX trading algorithms, there is the risk that some observers will feel they are yet to see the full development of a first generation, you may run the risk of ridicule. However, putting all these risks aside, it is clear that the development of FX algorithms has certainly moved on from those initial trading tools that merely swept the market in search of liquidity and presented an aggregated picture of the gathered...continued

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