ActForex: Treading the path to business success in FX

The independent trading platform provider, ActForex, started business in 1998, which was before e-Forex was launched. As the company now has traders in over 100 countries using its products, we asked CEO Ilya Sorokin to tell us more about the secret of their success.

ActForex is considered a pioneer in the online trading business. Why has your technology proved to be so popular over the years? IS: Functional diversity and real time performance is our strong suite. The demand for our platform is based on extreme flexibility and the versatility of our turnkey solution for our licensees, as well as exceptional usability and functionality for end-users, available in 15 languages.  What types of clients are now utilising your business solutions?  IS: Our clients range from major FCM’s to Forex start-ups. We also offer Options, Binary Options, Forwards, CFD’s for Equities and Commodities, ETF’s, which attracts new clients from other industries.  ActForex is a managed service provider. How does this give you competitive advantages to provide more comprehensive trading solutions?   IS: As an MSP we can get a client ‘live’ in two days. Our clients never have to worry about advances in hardware, software, databases, or...continued

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