Roger Aitken
Roger Aitken

CEP - A disruptive technology changing the face of FX

Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology is continuing to expand further out across and beyond capital markets and banking sectors - including at FX retail and institutional levels. Top use cases from just a few years ago - headed by algo trading - have been leapfrogged lately by auto hedging and risk, market surveillance and FX e-commerce. Roger Aitken examines the landscape.

The adoption of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology by capital markets and banking firms across the FX space and other asset classes is maturing beyond what it was first envisaged for. In its infancy, first generation CEP focused largely on areas like algorithmic trading. Today, a second  generation implementation phase is increasingly seeing CEP meeting a range of needs -  ranging right across front, middle and into back-office activities.  At its core CEP is an emerging technology that creates actionable, situational knowledge from distributed message-based systems, applications and databases in real time or near to real time. The technology is being extended out into fields such as data mining, order routing, market surveillance and compliance. Adam Honoré“We expect to see continued expansion of CEP well beyond capital markets. CEP is now quietly maturing into a must-have platform for real-time data needs.” Continued growth According to a recently published report...continued

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