Lars Holst
Lars Holst

ProTrader2 - bringing a fresh perspective to the fast evolving FX market

Lars Holst, CEO of CFH Markets, talks about how the FX market is evolving and in what ways the new ProTrader 2 platform has been designed to improve the overall trading experience for the company’s clients.

As FX continues to grow new electronic trading platforms are being deployed all the time to meet the needs of different market participants. How is CFH Markets helping your clients to stand out in this crowded marketplace? 

The most important thing is that we listen to our clients. ProTrader2 is the GUI component of a much wider offering. Even though the GUI is a very important component - very often it is the door opener and  “teaser”- we always take a holistic approach when we talk to our clients; we look at complete solutions rather than individual components. We work with a broad range of financial institutions in more than 40 countries providing them with cutting edge technology solutions along with gateways to interbank liquidity, allowing them to provide top- class online trading facilities to their clients. 

Development spans from cloud-based, front-end trading applications, mid-office trading engines, integrated backoffice systems and risk management software. With a range of cloud-based products, CFH also specialises in IT infrastructure, including hosting and security issues.

But the most important help we can give our clients is our people, who give them access to unparalleled inside industry knowledge. We have assembled a world-class team which includes experts in all areas of the business and we only take on the best people from the industry to maintain our edge. And as long as we have an edge, our clients will have an edge.

ProTrader2 - bringing a  fresh perspective to the fast evolving FX market

Your existing trading platforms such as WebTrader have been extremely well received. What feedback from customers and insights into how the FX market is likely to evolve persuaded you to launch the new ProTrader2 platform?

ProTrader2 is an excellent example of CFH Markets evolving its products to meet the ever-changing needs of its client base. Strategic changes in our product suite, including regular user enhancements, are all client-driven, implemented in order to empower them to manage their business, reduce risk and increase profits in precisely the way they require.

The platform offers a degree of flexibility that hasn’t been seen before. You can customize the overall structure of how you trade; create, build and label multiple unique workspaces by selecting different modules and windows, all done without compromising either the speed or reliability, which is of paramount importance when dealing with the high end of the market, as we do at CFH Markets.

What new features and functionality does ProTrader2 offer?

Our platform offers some of the most advanced trading functionalities in the market. There are practically no limitations as to what we can integrate or embed into the platform; different WL clients have different requirements and wishes We always try to create tailor-made solutions for each of our WL clients, so we cannot talk about ProTrader2 as one platform really, as there are many tailor-made variations already available to our clients.

In what ways have your team designed ProTrader2 to improve the overall customer trading experience?

Very simple: we have listened to our clients!

FX faces a number of challenges over the next few years including dealing with a more rigorous regulatory environment. In what ways do you think this makes it more important than ever that FX providers are particularly careful about the technology providers they choose to work with?

I think FX providers and clients broadly speaking will be more strict in their due diligence on technology providers. They prefer technology providers that are rooted in the strictest regulatory environments like CFH, and where the people behind the technology provider have proven again and again that they deal with the highest level of integrity, and that they understand the importance of strict regulatory compliance at all times and in every aspect of a trading solution.